Spring Summer 2021 - Rebirth

REBIRTH is built around a narrative of the grotesque, pertinent to the history of arts and its influence on fashion, then realised in handcrafted leather bags and accessories that are conceived and designed in-house, placing emphasis on the details.  The human body is central to the notion of the grotesque - one that is constantly transgressing, in reversal, and subjected to acts of degradation. By exploring the extremities offered by ontological elements and the raw physicality of humanity, the grotesque notion is translated into our product design through play on material, cuts and stitching. Discover the full range of products available online now.

saint graal rebirth campaign photosaint graal rebirth ventre shoulder bagsaint graal rebirth ventre shoulder bag
saint graal rebirth twisted tote bagsaint graal rebirth langue air pods case hornback saint graal rebirth accessoriessaint graal rebirth IV bag saint graal rebirth veins card holder walletsaint graal rebirth 1 of 1 thousand cuts